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Irrawang Preschool Philosophy


We believe:

  • Children need opportunities to consolidate skills and work towards the outcomes expressed in the EYLF.
  • Children's interests and ideas provide educators with the opportunity to develop enriching and engaging learning experiences.
  • Children learn through play.

Therefore we:

  • Provide an enriching, play-based, child centred curriculum based on the National Curriculum Early Years Learning Framework.


We believe:

  • The environment should be aesthetically appealing and welcoming to children, families, and staff.
  • Children should feel a sense of belonging and ownership in the Preschool environment
  • Natural and material resources should be used interchangeably in both our indoor and outdoor environments.
  • That Preschool should be a stimulating, changing environment that encourages children to explore, solve problems, create and construct.

Therefore we:

  • Provide aesthetically pleasing; well maintained play areas with thoughtful use of furnishings and displays.
  • Make large changes to the environment infrequently and in consultation with children
  • Enable children to utilise a variety of natural and material resources during both inside and outside play.
  • Strive to ensure our environment is modified on a regular basis to maintain child engagement and to act as a stimulus for learning.


We believe:

  • Each staff member brings fundamental, personal qualities to the service such as empathy, respect, warmth and a passion for learning.
  • In working together to maintain and improve the standard of our service.

Therefore we:

Provide an enriching, play-based, child centred curriculum based on the National Curriculum Early Years Learning Framework.

  • Provide opportunities for staff to share in decision making in regards to all aspects of our service.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings to reflect on our service and our selves as educators.


We believe:

  • Each child is a unique individual who is capable, resourceful, responsive and an active contributor to their own learning.
  • Children should be valued within the context of their family and community.
  • Children have the right to get messy, take risks, feel the grass between their toes - the right to be a child

Therefore we:

  • Integrate children's suggestions into the daily program and enable them to set up the learning experience where possible.
  • Create authentic relationships with children and identify each child as an individual.
  • Provide children with the opportunity to live in the now and confidently learn and explore their world.

Families and the community

We believe:

  • Parents are the initial educator in their child's life.
  • The education of a child is the collaborative responsibility of parents, educators and the community.
  • We are members of the Irrawang Public School and the extended Raymond Terrace community.
  • Cultural diversity within our community should be celebrated.
  • Therefore we:

  • Create and maintain meaningful relationships with families
  • Have built an authentic link with Irrawang Public School and Thou Walla (Schools as Community Centre).
  • Endeavour to utilise the knowledge of families and the community to celebrate the various cultures within our community.

Our environment helps us learn.At preschool we play and learn.

Please view ourĀ 2018 quality improvement plan (DOCX 265KB).

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