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Positive behaviour for learning

Irrawang Public School's children are safe, responsible learners who show respect.

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Irrawang Public School has been part of a Hunter /Central Coast Department of Education regional initiative called Positive Behaviour and Learning (PBL for short).

PBL has three main elements. They are data - this may include everything from keeping an accurate record of those children who come to school late, those children who receive special awards to children doing well in their weekly spelling tests in class. The data is shared with executive staff and other teachers who have a need to know. It is also available to interested parents and is able to be discussed at parent meetings. The data we gather helps all teachers to make really informed decisions about children at IPS.

The second element is systems. At IPS this means we, like all schools, are constantly reviewing and renewing systems at our school. This can involve bell times, the duties we assign our students leaders (STAR=Students and Teachers Acting Responsibly) to how we organise sport on Fridays.

The third and most important element involves Staff Practices. At IPS we are very fortunate to have a group of wonderful teachers, school learning support officers and office staff. By having effective systems and data in place staff are able to make more informed decisions about the learning and welfare needs of the students in their class.

When you put all of these elements in place we end up with a safe and happy school for everyone.

You may have noticed our Aussie Five school rules, our lovely posters around the school and children who are really happy to come to school and be engaged in their classes. This is what PBL is all about.

Bright, happy and successful learners coming to a terrific local school.

Our four expectations at IPS that go with our PBL package are safe, responsible and respectful learners. You may have noticed these words on the award certificates that the children receive.

How can you help?

Ask your children how things are going. Ask them if they had fun at school.

 What new thing did they learn today? What book they are reading at school?

Like Mrs Field our Principal keeps reminding us all - we all 'Play our Part'.